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DENSO Petrolatum tape


Over the years DENSO TAPE has demonstrated its total effectiveness as a long term and maintenance free anti-corrosion membrane.


It has applications on commercial ships of all types - on pipes, tanks, steel structures, deck equipment etc. DENSO TAPE provides reliable corrosion prevention system which may include DENSYL MATIC and PROTAL 2000.


DENSO TAPE is based on a synthetic fibre which is impregnated and coated with a neutral petrolatum compound. It has excellent conformability for work in restrivted areas and on irregular shapes.


50mm width - 36 x 10m rolls per carton

75mm width - 24 x 10m rolls per carton

100mm width - 18 x 10m rolls per carton

(also available in 30,150,200 and 300mm width)


Test: 280 days immersion in the sea



  • Immediate, long term protection
  • Simple application
  • Minimal surface preperation required
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Highly conformable
  • Easily inspected
  • Easily repaired and maintained


USE: For the protection of pipes, fittings and similar structures from corrosion above ground, buried or immersed. To protect the metal structure from the environment the tapes must cover the entire surface.


SURFACE PREPARATION: Surfaces must be clean and dry. Remove all loose rust, scale and flaking coatings by scraping, wire brushing or blast cleaning.


PRIMING: For small diameter pipes and fittings (e.g. service pipes) apply DENSO PASTE by gloved hand in a thin layer over the entire surface including threads, crevices and pitted areas.

For longer areas, brush DENSO PRIMING SOLUTION over teh entire area.



  1. Pipes, Rods and Cables: Select as wide a width of tape as practical, e.g. 75mm wide for 75mm diameter pipe. For buried or immersed applications apply tapes with 55% overlap to give double thickness.For above ground use overlap tapes by 15mm for widths up to 150mm and 25mm for wider tapes. Press the end of the tape firmly onto the pipe and unroll the tape around the pipe spirally, overlapping itself (see diagram). Apply sufficient tension to conform the tape to the surface without gaps. Do not overstretch. Start a new roll by overlapping the ends by one tape width. Press down all folds and smooth the entire area with special attention to overlaps.
  2. Butt Welded Joints: As (a) but apply one circumferential turn around the pipe with half the tape width covering the existing pipe coating and half on the bare joint area. Continue to apply the tape spirally with 55% overlap across the joint area until it overlaps the existing pipe coating by half its width. Complete the wrapping with one cicumferential turn.
  3. Elbows, Tees, Flanges etc.: Carefully bandage the fitting, pressing down folds and avoiding air gaps. Cover the whole fitting with at least two layers continuing onto the pipe coating either side. At large changes of diameter, bolts and internal angles, make the profile more suitable for wrapping by applying DENSYL MASTIC as a fillet at angles and around bolts. Wrap the profiled joint as above ensuring the tape does not bridge gaps.

  4. Coating Repairs: Cut away and remove loose coating from the damaged area and smooth or chamfer edges.Prime the exposed metal. For thick coatings, build up the depression with patches of tape or DENSYL MASTIC. Wrap the section of pipe as (a) continuing at least 50mm either side of the damaged area.


OVERWRAPPING: For further protection, a separate overwrap of DENSO PVC SELF ADHESIVE TAPE, DENSOTHERM TAPE or DENSOPOL 80 TAPE may be applied spirally over the petrolatum tape. Consult our Technical Sales Department for advice on selection and application of overwraps.


INSPECTION: Ensure that the entire surface is covered with no gaps or air pockets. DENSO and DENSYL TAPES cannot be holiday tested due to soft surface. DENSOPOL 4, DENSOPOL PN and DENSO WB TAPES can be holiday tested at 5kV for single thickness and 10kV for double thickness.

For further advice on the use of these products consult the manufacturers.



Storage: Store correct way up in original packaging. Store away from heat and open flame.


Transport: No special precautions necessary.


Handling: Grease resistant gloves may be worn to reduce skin contact. Avoid contact with face and arms etc. Wash thoroughly after use and before work breaks to remove compound from the skin. Careful attention should be given to personal hygiene. Change and clean soiled clothing.


Action in case of Fire: Extinguish with dry powder, carbon dioxide or chemical foam. Air breathing equipment may be necessary in case of a large fire.


Skin Contact: Wash with warm water and mild soap.


Eye Contact: Irrigate eyes thoroughly with clean water.


Inhalation: Not applicable.


Swallowing: Obtain medical advice if necessary.


Spillage: Not applicable.


Product Description


Cold applied anti-corrosion and sealing tapes based on a synthetic fabric, impregnated and coated with a neutral petrolatum compound.


Denso Tape is the original cold applied, petrolatum based anti-corrosion tape manufactured by Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd.


Densyl Tape has a higher application and service temperature range than Denso Tape.





· Cold applied for safe and easy application

· Tolerant of indifferent surface preperation

· Flexible and comformable

· Fully effective from moment of application

· Permanently lastic compound

· Resist acid and alkali attack

· Accomodates differantial movement of substrates and with outerwrap resists soil stress

· Performance easily monitored by removal and replacement

· Proven over 60 years

· Effective above ground, below ground and in water

· Comprehensive width range

· Applied by hand or wrapping machine




On site anti-corrosion protection of gas, water, oil and other pipes and pipelines valves and fittings. Repair to damaged coatings. Protection of tie bars, post-tensioned rods, cables and tanks. Protection of metal components in transit and storage. Sealing formwork. General waterproofing medium, vapour barrier an thermal insulation. Sealing of electrical components and connections. Isolation of dissimilar metals.




Full " Instructions for Use " are supplied with each carton. The basic procedure is as follows:

Remove loose scale, rust and flaking coatings from metal surface by scraping, brushing or blast cleaningto St2 minimum or as specified. Apply Denso Paste to prime entire surface or for larger areas apply Denso Paste to prime entire surface or for a larger areas apply Denso Priming Solution. Fill irregular profiles with Densyl Mastic to avoid air pockets. Spirally apply tape with 55% overlap to achieve double thickness and with sufficient tension to conform without stretching. Smooth lapsi spreading compound to ensure complete seal.


For buried and immersed enviroments an outerwrap is recommended




The advantages of using an outerwrap are increased mechanical and dielectric strength, resistance to abrasive backfill and ease of handling. Denso Self-Adhesive PVC outerwrap can be supplied. For highly abrasive conditions Densotherm tape (hot applied) or Densopol / Densoclad Tapes (cold applied) are recommended.


Densyl Mastic


Cold-applied, self supporting and highly comformable mastic for moulding by hand around irregular profiles (boiled couplings, flanges, valves, etc.) to provide a suitable contour for wrapping. For estimating requirements allow 720 cm3 / kg.


See Publication 333.12.96 "Protection of Pipeline Fittings and Valves" or 288.10.97 "Sealing of Service Entries and Ducts" .


Application underwater and in wet conditions


For the on-site protection of installations in the splash and tidal zones the use of Denso Marine Piling Tape is recommended. See Publication 287.2.91 "Seashield Protection for Marine Piling"


The Denso Petrolatum Tape Range:


Denso Tape

For the protection of metal against corrosion above and below ground e.g. the wrapping of small and medium diameter pipes, joints, tie rods and post tension cables. The extreme conformability enables the tape to be easily applied to awkward profiles.


Densyl Tape

Intended for the same purposes as Denso but has a higher temperature limit and is suitable for tropical climates.


Denso Tape L.T.

Intended for the same purposes as Denso tape but is easier to apply at lower temperatures.


Denso Hot Line Tape

For buried or exposed pipework at elevated temperatures.


Denso Steelwork Tape

For protection of above ground tanks, steelwork and plant.


Denso Covercoat Tape

Similar to Steelwork Tape but with a fabric backing which is then coated to give a hard decorative finish.


Denso Marine Piling Tape

For jetty piles and riser pipes particularly in the splash and intertidal zones. May be applied to cleaned steelwork, underwater or in wet conditions. An outerwrap is advised in all conditions.


Densopol 4 Tape/P.N. Tape

Densopol 4 Tape is similar to Denso Tape but with a plastics backing film. Densopol P.N. Tape is similar to Denso Tape but with a plastics backing film and is used for waterproofing communication and electrical power cables.


Denso W.B. Tape

Polymer modified compound with a polythene backing film. It is particularly suitable for extremely variable conditions.


Denso Waterproofing Tape

For general waterproofing, and sealing applications above ground e.g. down pipes, gutters, glazing bars etc.


Specification - Denso and Densyl Tapes


Composition :

Non woven synthetic fibre fabric impregnated and coated with a neutral compound based on saturated petroleum hydrocarbons (petrolatum) with inert siliceous fillers.


Conversion table


Required quantity for 1 meter straight pipe

  For 1 flange
 Denso Tape
     Denso Tape
 mm  inch  mm  mm  m    m


 17,3  50  1,8    0,8
 15A  1/2  21,7  50  2,3    1
 20A  3/4  27,2  50  2,8    1,3
 25A  1  34  50  3,6    1,6
 32A  1 1/4  42,7  50  4,5    2
 40A  1 1/2  48,6  50  5,1    2,3
 50A  2  60,5  100  3,1    2,9
 65A  2 1/2  76,3  100  3,9    3,6
 80A  3  89,1  100  4,6    4,2
 90A  3 1/2  101  100  5,2    4,8
 100A  4  114,3  100  5,9    5,4
 125A  5  139,8  150  4,8    6,6
 150A  6  165,2  150  5,7    7,8
 175A  7  190,7  150  6,6    9
 200A  8  216,3  200  5,6    10,2
 250A  10  267,4  200  6,9    12,6
 300A  12  318,5  200  8,3    15



Unalterable in composition and plasticity over a wide range of temperatures. Light superficial oxidation occurs on athmospheric exposure and renders the surface less tacky.


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